Kitakata Meister Tour

Kitakata Meister Tour

An adult trip that touches the real thing created by Kitakata's craftsmanship.

An adult trip that touches the real thing created by the technology of Kitakata. A local savvy guide
We will guide you through the brewing soy sauce, Aizu lacquerware, and sake brewery. Finally, enjoy Kitakata ramen!

[7 attractions]
(1) Carefully escort the “Treasure Town” where Kitakata's hidden attractions and natural culture nurtured by nature are often overlooked.
②Kitakata's spirit of brewery, the taste and scent of soy sauce matured for two years in the brewery of the National Registered Cultural Property, and Aizu lacquerware that is moist and sticks to your hands Over ".
③ A tour of the brewery that allows you to travel from Edo to Showa alone and a variety of local sake tastings from Aizu is recommended.
④ You can enjoy a tasteful adult trip as if you were back in time.
⑤ Lunch at the famous restaurant of Kitakata's food culture "Kitakata Ramen" ♪
⑥Anyone with a short walking distance can participate.
⑦ You can enjoy Kitakata, a brewery town in a rainy sound because it's raining. .
* Lunch fee will be paid separately.

【Implementation period】
Spring part from the end of March to the beginning of July
Autumn section from September to December
* Mid-April will be changed to [Sakura and Kura no Kitakata Walk]

08:30 Meeting and reception at Natural Biz Activity Station in Urabandai Lake Resort
09:00 Start of program
12:45 End / Dissolution

Title Kitakata Meister Tour
Organizer Natural Biz(Play Consultants Co., Ltd.)
Meeting place Urabandai Lake Resort
Natural Biz Activity station
Yudairayama 1171-1 Hibara, Yama Gun Kitashiobara Mura, Fukushima Ken 969-2701, Japan
Access 5 minutes from the main hotel in Urabandai

[By car]
Banetsu Expressway from Inawashiro / Bandai Kogen Interchange via Route 115
National Route 459 (25 minutes)

[By train]
JR Banetsu West Line Get off at Inawashiro Station-Route bus (Bandai Toto Bus)
Take the direction towards Urabandai Kogen Station-Get off at Urabandai Kogen Station (3-minute walk)

During summer vacation, you can use the shuttle buses around major hotels for free.
TEL +81 90-7798-1184

Staff Information

Even on days when it is not possible to enjoy outdoor activities due to rain, you can enjoy the moist city view of Kitakata, Kurano Town.

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Urabandai Lake Resort

National Park Resort Kyukamura Ura-Bandai

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