Tsuruga Kimono Rental Shop

Tsuruga Kimono Rental Shop

Aizu-wakamatsu Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter History / Culture

Kimono rental shop closest to the castle next to Tsuruga Castle

Tsuruga Kimono Rental Shop is located right beside of Tsutugajo Castle, and it only takes 5 minutes to the castle.
For ladies kimono, there are 80 different types of ""machigi"" (meaning of townwear kimono), and 10 other kimonos made with ""Aizumoomen"" fabrics (which are natural cotton fabrics weaven with local craftsmanship of 'plain weaven' technique). For mens kimono, there are Machigi, Aizumomen, and yukatas (unlined cotton summer kimono) available.
To dress up to kimono, it takes around 15 minutes and a staff will assist you to dress you up. All the prices includes getting help from a taff, laundry fee, and an insurance for accidental stains. There is nothing you need to prepare beforehand, so we welcome you to come casually!

Title Tsuruga Kimono Rental Shop
Address 4-47, 2F, Otemachi, Aizu-wakamatsu, Fukushima
Access From Aizu-Wakamatsu station, please take the city loop-line bus to get off at ""Tsurugajo Castle North"", then 1 minute walk.
Tsuruga Kimono Rental Shop is located on the 2nd floor inside of Tsurugajo Castle Hall.
TEL +81 90-2361-6411 
Opening hours Business Hours
9:30 ~ 16:00 (Last reception at 14:00)
Closed days Closed Tuesdays
Rates ・Machigi Kimono: ¥6,000/ a day
・Aizu-Momen Kimono: ¥8,000/ a day (TAX excluded)

Cash and all kinds of credit cards accepted.
*Non-smoking allowed in the shop

Unforgettable moment with my love under cherry blossoms
The staff will assist you to dress you up in kimono
There are more than a 100 of kimono and accessories available for rental
Fashionable kimonos

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