The Garden Hotel Kitakata

    Kitakata Hotel

    4 minutes walk from Kitakata station, A treasure trove of history and culture, Ideal as a base for sightseeing in the wilderness of Kitakata / Aizu and Urabandai

    The Kitakata city is known for Kura (traditional Japanese storehouse), Kitakata ramen, and sake. The location of the hotel is known for Japanese lacquer art so you can find those arts at gift shops nearby.

    You can rest on the solid natural wooden floor

    A relaxing space with a solid wood floor that is nice for bare feet

    The breakfast which all ingredients are carefully selected to gives you a great energy of the day.

    All Japanese food served at the hotel is mainly cooked from the locally grown rice and vegetables.

    We have been focusing to be an eco-friendly hotel

    We purchase renewable energy, such as solar energy, to use as the electric power, and for thermal energy, we use pellet stoves to be an eco-friendly hotel.
    Title The Garden Hotel Kitakata
    Address 8845-3 Tenmanmae, Kitakata, Fukushima prefecture
    Access 4 minutes walk from the Kitakata station.
    TEL +81 241-23-2221 
    Checkin/out Check-In from 15:00 / Check Out by 10:30
    Rates "Price range
    ■A singe room
    ¥6,200 (meals excluded) or¥7,100 (meals included)
    ■A twin room
    ¥11,500 (meals excluded) or ¥13,300 (meals included)"

    Staff Information

    Since there are few tall buildings in Kitakata city, you can see the city from the upper floors, and when the weather is nice, you can see Mt. Iide in the north and Mt. Bandai in the south.


    Warm pellet stove in the Restaurant

    Uses environmentally friendly pellets for heating

    Have breakfast at a large wooden table

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