Yamatogawa Brewery

Yamatogawa Brewery

Kitakata Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter History / Culture

Founded 230 years ago, Learn about the history and enjoy beautiful sake in a warehouse building that represents Kitakata.

Since Yamatogawa Brewery established in 1790, we have proudly brewed the original branded Sake from pure water of the Mt. Iitoyo and fresh local rice. A history museum is located in one of our buildings, which is open for public, and it used to be used as a storehouse. In this history museum, you can enjoy sightseeing the historical architecture of original storehouse, tasting various sake as well as purchasing gifts at gift shop.

Title Yamatogawa Brewery
Organizer Yamatogawa Brewery
Address 4761, Teramachi, Kitakata City, Fukushima Prefecture, 966-0861, Japan
Meeting place Please come directly to the Kitakata museum.
Access About 12 minutes walk from the JR Kitakata station
TEL +81 241-22-2233 
Opening hours 9:00〜16:30
Closed days Closed only on the New Year's Day
Rates Free guided tours in the museum
Purchase of products is about 1,000 to 3,000 yen
Payment cash, credit card (VISA only), QR payment such as Paypay

Staff Information

Even on days when outdoor activities cannot be enjoyed due to rain or snow, you can still enjoy the streets of Kitakata, the city of warehouses, along with a tour of the city.

Recommended Products

Kasumochi raw sake, Yauemon sake

Our traditional pure rice sweet Sake have been proudly brewed since before the World War II. Because we brew this Sake by adding a double amount of Kōji (Sake mould), SMV (Sake metre value) is -20℃, which represents the rich sweet Sake. We recommend you to drink this pure rice sweet Sake by cold or on the rocks.

Super dried pure rice Sake called Yauemon Sake

Yauemon Sake is our best seller and which brewed from our original branded rice; YUMENO-KAORI. We have polished this rice up to 60% in order to make super dried pure Sake. Because of its super dried taste, it is easy to pair with any meals. This Sake is our high recommendation for any customers. You can enjoy it by either drinking cold or hot.

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