Lake Onogawa canoe adventure

Lake Onogawa canoe adventure

Urabandai Spring / Summer / Autumn Nature

Lake Onogawa canoe adventure with the best scenery born from the eruption of Mount Bandai

Lake Onogawa of Urabandai, which was born in the great eruption of Mt. Bandai 130 years ago,
Onogawa spring flowing through the upstream Onogawa Fudo waterfall is the best water quality selected as one of the top 100 famous waters.
A polite lecture on land will relieve your tension.
Using the latest models of kayaks and paddles, it invites you to improve comfortably and comfortably.
The bay where the smelts start to travel is a safe field for beginners with little wind.
It is the only lake in Urabandai where you can see no artifacts if you start off the coast.

If you go offshore against the green screen created by the trees in the forest, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery that will not be heard.
Scenery colored by large and small bays and islands, native Japanese herbs (mint) on the shore.
In retrospect, the amazingly magnificent Mt. Bandai rises in front of you.

[5 attractions]
① On the uninhabited island created by the eruption, Kinpura, who manages the safety of the voyage, is enshrined, and “Prayer Island” prays for the safety of the canoe from the surface of the water.
② “Lily Island” where Yamayuri blooms all over uninhabited islands in early summer and the lake surface is surrounded by the fragrance of Yamayuri.
③ “Ezomisohagi beach” where the shore is dyed with purple flowers in August
④ “Bird Orchestra Cove” where you can hear countless wild birds singing in the cove
⑤ Weekend-only petit down river area "Splash" that flows down after splashing through a tree tunnel

【Implementation period】
Late April to late October

Morning section
08:45 At Urabandai Lake Resort Natural Biz Activity Station
09:00 Departure / Movement (about 5 minutes)
09:15 Program implementation
11:30 End / Dissolution

Afternoon section
14:00 Meeting and reception at Natural Biz Activity Station in Urabandai Lake Resort
14:15 Departure / Movement (about 5 minutes)
14:30 Program implementation
16:45 End / Dissolution

Title Lake Onogawa canoe adventure
Organizer Natural Biz(Play Consultants Co., Ltd.)
Meeting place Urabandai Lake Resort
Natural Biz Activity station
Aza Yunohirayama1171-1, Hibara, Yama Gun Kitashiobara Mura, Fukushima Ken, 969-2701, Japan
Access 5 minutes from the main hotel in Urabandai

[By car]
Banetsu Expressway from Inawashiro / Bandai Kogen Interchange via Route 115
National Route 459 (25 minutes)

[By train]
JR Banetsu West Line Get off at Inawashiro Station-Route bus (Bandai Toto Bus)
Take the direction towards Urabandai Kogen Station-Get off at Urabandai Kogen Station (3-minute walk)

During summer vacation, you can use the shuttle buses around major hotels for free.
TEL +81 90-7798-1184 

Staff Information

Participants can enjoy with confidence without motor boats or pleasure boats.

reservation site

reservation site

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