Urabandai Winter Nature

Play in the snow at Aizu Urabanndai! Grandeco. All the lifts are high speed four person lifts with covers, so you won't get cold!

GRANDECO RESORT is located in the TOHOKU Region (East North of Japan), approximately 260 km north of Tokyo, GRANDECO RESORT belongs to the BANDAI-ASAHI NATIONAL PARK (includes Mt. Bandai. One of the most famous volcanoes in Japan) which is an all-season resort area. Lake INAWASHIRO (Japan’s 4th largest lake) and many other smaller lakes make the BANDAI area ideal for fun activities. GRANDECO RESORT is the highest quality winter resort in the area. It has one gondola lift and four quad lifts all equipped with hoods which will take you up from 1,010 meters (3,314ft) to 1,590 meters (5,216ft). Snow conditions are excellent and skiing and snowboarding are possible until first of May.
You can enjoy GRANDECO RESORT not only in the winter season but also in the warmer seasons. There is a hiking trail starting from the top of the gondola station. The nature guide tours are avaliable in English which takes you easly to the heart of BANDAI.

Business period: December-April
Shuttle bus service: ○
Snowboarding allowed: ○
Snow Serious! 19 Participation: ○
Snow Serious! Fukushima Participation: ○
Course level: Advanced 15%, Intermediate 45%, Beginner 40%
Number of slope courses: 8 courses
Parking lot: 3,000 (free on weekdays, weekends and holidays, year-end and New Year 1,000 yen)
Total number of lifts: 5
Breakdown of lifts: 4 quads, 1 gondola

Meeting place Hibara Arasunasawayama, Yama Gun Kitashiobara Mura, Fukushima Ken, 969-2701, Japan
Access For those coming by car
■ About 35 minutes by car from the Banetsu Expressway Inawashiro Bandai Kogen IC
* Parking 3,000 spaces (free on weekdays, weekends and holidays, New Year's holidays 1,000 yen)

For those using public transportation
■ Shuttle bus about 120 minutes from Koriyama Station on JR Tohoku Main Line / Tohoku Shinkansen
TEL +81 241-32-2530 

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