Mt. Bandai is one of Japan's top 100 mountains, and in the south is Lake Inawashiro, Japan's fourth largest area and high transparency. Mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding, lake bathing, water sports, fishing, hot springs, etc. Enjoy Aizu!

Title Inawashiro

Recommended Route

Recommended route from the Tokyo to Aizu

This is a route where you can experience history and culture by following the old road from Edo to Nikko and Aizu.

Recommended route from Sendai to Aizu

It is a route where you can enjoy panorama of mountain road and seasonal scenery from Sendai Airport / Sendai Station.

Recommended route from Niigata to Aizu

It is a route where you can enjoy beautiful scenery along the canyon from Niigata Airport / Niigata Station on the Sea of ​​Japan side.