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Inawashiro Restaurant

You can enjoy the Soba which freshly grinded, made, and boiled in the village of Soba farm.

Inawashiro is ideal town to grow fresh Soba because of abundant nature, fresh air, clean water and high temperature difference through the year. At Iwahashi-Kan, you can enjoy delicious Soba which is locally grown in town. Once you taste this soba, you will also tests the 'sincerity' of owner.
*Soba: meaning of buckwheat noodles in Japanese.

Recommended menu top 3

No.1 "Shu‐gen" Soba set menu

*Shu‐gen: meaning of celebration speech. In Inawashiro, we used to serve this Shu-gen Soba at wedding parties as a local tradition. Our two highly recommended menus are ・”Cold Soba with separate dipping soup and five different toppings,” (Soba will be served on five layered trays) and ・Warm Soba (Shu-gen Soba) in chicken and burdock broth soup, with Kozuyu (which is local traditional vegetable soup used to be served at the wedding parties).

No.2 Iwahashi Soba

Cold Soba with separate dipping soup with grated radish and fried Miso toppings. You will add this toppings into a dipping soup, then add Soba to mix all together. It becomes the perfect marriage!

No.3 Mori-sauce set

A set of Mori-Soba (cold Soba with a separate dipping soup) and fried sauce pork cutlet rice bowl.
Title Iwahashi-Kan
Address 65, Aza-muranishi, Mitsuwa, Inawashiro, Yamagun, Fukushima prefecture, 969-3284, Japan
Access ■To access by a car
Getting off the Highway Ban-etsu at Inawashiro Bandai Kogen interchange, and just 3.3km away (about 5 minutes).
TEL +81 242-72-0212 (Call reception time:8:00 ~ 19:00)
Opening hours [From April to November]
Open at 11:00~15:00 (Last order by 15:00)
[From December to March]
Open at 11:00~14:30 (Last order by 14:30)
Closed days Wednesdays
Rates ¥730 ~ ¥1,500
Remarks No smoking

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