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Nanukamachi cafe ”Yui”

Nanukamachi cafe ”Yui”

Aizu-wakamatsu Restaurant

Minatomachi's local cuisine "Tofu Mochi" in Aizuwakamatsu City is a famous cafe in Nanokamachi.

"Tofu mochi" is a dish that has been served as a treat on Halle's day such as Obon, New Year, and ceremonial occasions. The fluffy tofu bean paste and the chewy mochi are entwined to make it smoother and more compatible.

Recommended menu top 3

No.1 Yuki-usagi (Snow rabbits)

Yuki-usagi is an ice cream covered with homemade mochi and sauce on top.

No.2 Tofu mochi

"Tofu mochi" is a local cuisine which is mixed with silken tofu, dashi, and soy sauce, which has great "Umami"

No.3 "Minato" set (a set of five assorted mochi)

Minato set is one of the most popular menu, and this includes five assorted mochi; Tsuyu-mochi (mochi in the vegetable soup), Egoma (perilla) mochi, Kurumi (walnut) mochi, Oroshi (graded Japanese radish) mochi, and mini side dishes, a dessert as well as home-roasted green tea.
Title Nanukamachi cafe ”Yui”
Address 1-28, Nanokamachi, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima
Access ■To access by train
・Please take the Tadami Line to get off at Nanokamachi, then 10 minutes walk from the station
・Please take the JR Banetsu West line to get off at Aizu-Wakamatsu station, then 17 minutes walk from the station. Otherwise please take the local bus for 4 minutes to get off at ""Nanokamachi Shiyakiya-Mae"".
■To access by car
Please get off expressway Aizu-Wakamatsu exit then 10 minutes drive from there.
TEL +81 242-23-7302 
Opening hours 11:00-17:00
Closed days Closed Tuesdays (We may closed on other days without notice. Please check our SNS to check updated information)
Rates Price range from ¥500 ~
Payment Cash, all kinds of credit cards, and QR code payments accepted
Remarks 店内禁煙

Inside view

Inside view

Tofu mochi set

Tofu mochi set

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