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    Recommended route from Niigata to Aizu

    The route from Niigata, the largest city on the Sea of ​​Japan side and many international flights, to Inawashiro and Urabandai. In the morning and evening of summer, a fantastic river mist flies over the lake surface that looks like a mirror.
    The first Tadami River Bridge runs like a railway in green nature.
    Enzoji Temple was built on a rock wall along the canyon.
    Visit the beautiful scenery of Okuaizu along the Tadami River, which can be said to be the original scenery of Japan where nature and people's living scenery are in harmony.
    After that, it is a route from Aizuwakamatsu, a town full of historical romance, to Urabandai and Inawashiro through Bandaisan Gold Line that crosses Bandai Asahi National Park.
    (A)Niigata Airport
    9.42 km, 25 min.

      Niigata Airport

      In addition to major domestic airports in Japan, regular flights are in service from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Shanghai, Harbin and Seoul, and serve as the gateway to the Hokuriku region from overseas.
      There is a highway bus running directly from the airport to Aizuwakamatsu (required time: approximately 2 hours 30 minutes),...


      (B)Niigata Station
      99.3 km, 1H 43min.

        Niigata Station

        1 hour and 30 minutes from Tokyo Station on the Joetsu Shinkansen. 25 minutes by airport bus from Niigata Airport.
        There is a direct train from Niigata Station to Aizuwakamatsu Station. (Time required: About 2 hours and 10 minutes)
        There are a number of rental car stores in front of the station, providing access to the Tohoku region from t...


        (C) Okuaizu
        44.9 km, 1H


          The Tadami River is a clear stream that flows through Okuaizu until it joins the Aga River from the Oze Marshland, one of Japan's leading heavy snowfall areas.
          The scenery created by the rich water flow, rich nature, and the activities of the people who live in it is breathtakingly beautiful and attracts many people.
          The main attraction i...


          8.6 km, 43 min.


            A castle town centered on the magnificent Tsuruga Castle with a seven-story castle tower overlooking the fertile and rich Aizu Basin.In the Edo period, the Aizu Matsudaira family reigned over 220 years from Meiji Restoration until the second generation Shogun Tokugawa Hidetada Masayuki Yosano Masayuki.Masayuki was sincere to the Tokugawa family,...


            (E)Mt. Bandai Gold Line

              Mt. Bandai Gold Line

              A route from Aizuwakamatsu to Urabandai via the hillside of Mount Bandai in Bandai Asahi National Park. Mt. Bandai, which is a symbol of Aizu, shows a beautiful mountain range as seen from the Aizu side, but as it goes to Urabandai, it changes its appearance into a rough crater. On the way, you will pass through Happodai, which is a starting poi...


              24.5 km, 32 min.


                Urabandai is an area surrounded by beautiful nature that extends northeast of Aizuwakamatsu and the northern foot of Mt. Bandai. Bandai was destroyed by a steam explosion in 1888, and avalanches dammed the river, and hundreds of lakes were formed at this time. There are several dozen lakes that are sandwiched between Lake Sugawara, Lake Akimoto,...


                (G) Inawashiro


                  Mt. Bandai is one of Japan's top 100 mountains, and in the south is Lake Inawashiro, Japan's fourth largest area and high transparency. Mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding, lake bathing, water sports, fishing, hot springs, etc. Enjoy Aizu!


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