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Yamanaka Rice crackers shop

Yamanaka Rice crackers shop

Kitakata Shop

Founded in Meiji 33, Aizu Kitakata's traditional rice cracker "Tamari Senbei" is baked one by one over charcoal.

We are proudly established since Meiji era in 33 (1900). Our Tamari rice crackers are carefully cooked by talented craftsmen one by one, and this rice crackers are traditional snacks from Kitakata area.
The brickwall oven for the rice crackers cooks slowly from the inside so it won't loose well-toasted flavour.
All the ingredients for Tamari rice crackers are carefully selected to preserve the tradition of the way of cooking. We hope many customers will enjoy our Tamari rice crackers.

We were awarded nationally for past three years.

Our Tamari rice crackers were awarded as one of great souvenirs in nationwide

The workshop of cooking Tamari rice crackers on charcoal fire

Please try our workshop to become a limited time craftsman!

No.3 Soft cream

Our high recommendations are Black soft serve (also called as charcoal soft serve) and White soft serve (also called as Aizu-Yamajio soft serve). The black soft serve coloured grey as its name, but it is flavoured of yogurt. The other one we use milk from locally grown branded cows, so it is richer. We recommend you to try either one as a desert after eating ramen to give you refreshness. *You can also try our homemade lemon sauce as a topping for soft serve so it is more delicious!
Title Yamanaka Rice crackers shop
Address 407-1,Kitamachi, Sekishibamachi, Kamitakahitai, Kitakata City, Fukushima
TEL +81 241-22-0004 
Opening hours ■Business Hours 10:00 ~ 17:00
Closed days Closed on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day
Rates Price range from ¥100
Payment Cash / QR payment (PayPay)

Staff Information

Enjoy the light texture and aroma of rice crackers that are carefully baked one by one using the only remaining charcoal fire in Japan.


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