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Tawaraya Snack Shop

Tawaraya Snack Shop

Kitakata Shop

You can eat seasonal sweets while enjoying the view of the quaint buildings and gardens.

Tawaraya Snack shop is a local long-established Japanese sweets shop, and it is established since early Taisho era (around 1912).
You can even feel our long time histories from the architect. The imposing look of our kura (Japanese traditional storehouse) is now used as a store itself, in which coloured in black and white. There is a Japanese style garden as well.
The most popular Japanese sweets from the shop is "" ¥10 sweet bun"" (bite-sized manju only costs ¥10), but there are also seasonal specials. Sakura-mochi and ""Sasadango"" (Japanese mochi wrapped with bamboo leaves) are in the spring, shaved ice is in the Summertime, then Imo-Yōkan (sweet potato paste) is in the fall, then ""Kintsuba"" (Ōbanyaki) for the winter time.
PLease feel Japanese four seasons by having our seasonal Japanese sweets.

Bite-sized manju

Bite-sized manju costs only ¥10! There are flavour of sweet white bean paste and sweet black bean paste.

Kintsuba (usually called as Ōbanyaki, which is Japanese pancakes filled with sweet red bean pastes)

Hot Kintsuba is very popular Japanese sweet to be eaten in Winter in Kitakata area.

Seasonal Japanese sweets

The seasonal Japanese sweets are all hand-shaped by our talented craftsmen. You would be allured by its delicate shape, which inspired by the shape of flowers and leaves, and taste. You will definitely feel Japanese four seasons through those delicate Japanese sweets made by craftsmen. Please try those Japanese sweets to feel our beautiful Japanese four seasons lot closer while traveling.
Title Tawaraya Snack Shop
Address 7393, Aza-Yachida, Kitakata City, Fukushima Prefecture
Access ■Access by train
Please take JR Banetsu-West Line to get off at Kitakata Station, then 10 minutes walk from the station
■Access by car
100m away from Kitakata city hall parking lot
TEL +81 241-22-0574 
Opening hours ■Business Hours
9:00 ~ 18:00
Closed days Closed Wednesdays and National holidays
Rates ■Price Range between ¥10 ~ ¥1,000
Payment Cash only

Inside the store

Inside the store

Hot kintsuba baked right in front of you

Hot kintsuba baked right in front of you

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