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Wakaki shop

Wakaki shop

Kitakata Shop

Founded in the 5th year of the Horeki (1755), the 12th generation of soy sauce and miso brewers. Kura Zashiki, warehouse storehouse, tool storehouse The eight warehouses of Madoka still remain

Wakaki shop is established in 1755, and we are proudly particular about brewing natural soy sauce by aging it into wooden barrels since the establishment. One of the stores built in 1931 as well as a brickwalled Kura built in 1904 are highly valued historical architecture, which nationally registered as tangible cultural property. You cannot miss the rare Japanese architect ""Zashiki-kura"" which all built with Japanese persimmon trees.
Once you step into the store, you will be allured by variety of products, such as naturally brewed soy sauce, dashi-soy sauce, miso, local sake, tamari rice crackers, Kitakata ramen, Japanese traditional crafts, and urushi-dishwares, etc.
From April till November, another store adjoined to the main building sells dagashi (cheap Japanese candies) and vintage toys.

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Title Wakaki shop
Address 4786, Aza 3Chome, Kitakata City, Fukushima
Access To access by car
Get off Banetsu expressway exit at Aizu-wakamatsu then 20 minutes drive
TEL +81 241-22-0010 
Opening hours ■Business Hours
9:00 ~ 17:00
Closed days No scheduled holidays
* Japanese cheap candy shop Wakakiya Sho-wakan is closed in the winter time (from December till March) as a seasonal holiday.
Rates ■Price range
From ¥500~
* Free touring of our brickwall Kura (Japanese traditional storehouse).
Payment Cash, all credit cards, and electronic money accepted.

Staff Information

Tamari rice crackers are simply seasoned with our soy sauce so it tastes lighter than how it coloured. Because rice crackers are processed out of rice, which means the rice itself is the key to make delicious rice crackers. Since Kitakata area is known for producing rice, there are many local shops specialized for rice crackers made from locally grown rice.
This Tamari rice crackers' simply flavoured Japanese light taste will never make you tired!

Persimmon tree storehouse
Persimmon tree storehouse

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