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Aizu Aoi Silk Road Bunmeikan

Aizu Aoi Silk Road Bunmeikan

Aizu-wakamatsu Shop

"Aizu Aoi Silk Road Bunmeikan" is a Japanese sweet shop located along the Tsurugajo Castle, and the building itself is Kura (Japanese storehouse). There is a cafe adjoined to the shop.

We are located by Tsurugajo Castle North Entrance. Our homemade Japanese sweets are great as a gift for any occasions. Each sweets are carefully made by talented craftsmen and there are different stories behind each sweets. We do not mass produce our products because we are particular about making it with deep affection and high responsibility.
At the cafe, you can enjoy fresh Japanese sweets and home-drip coffee.

No.1 "Kasute-an Aizu Aoi"

"Kasute-an Aizu Aoi" is fine castella cakes which has a Matsudaira (who was a lord of Aizu feudal) family crest stamped on. This is our symbolic Japanese sweets from the shop, and koshian (strained red bean paste ) is sandwiched by castella cakes.

No.2 Akabeko

Gyu-hi (similar to mochi) Japanese sweet shaped in Akabeko

No.3 Koboshi

Koboshi is eaten as lucky Japanese sweets and there are two different flavours; azuki (sweet red bean paste)and shiro-an (sweet white bean paste).
Title Aizu Aoi Silk Road Bunmeikan
Address 4-18 Ōtemachi, Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima
Access ■How to access
By local loop-line bus, please get off at ""Tsurugajo Castle Entrance""
TEL +81 242−26−5555 
Opening hours Business Hours
Closed days Closed on New Year's Day
Rates ■Price Range from ¥450 ~
Payment ■Payment methods
Cash, credit cards, and electric money (SUICA, PASMO)

Staff Information

Near from the Machinaka tour bus "Tsurugajo entrance"
You can enjoy freshly brewed coffee and sweets at the attached cafe "Silk Road Bunmeikan".

Inside the shop

Inside the shop

Inside the cafe

Inside the cafe

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