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Soba restaurant

Soba restaurant

Inawashiro Restaurant

Tenkyo-an is the soba noodle restaurant during lunch time, and also open as an 'Izakaya soba noodle restaurant' at night time.
All soba noodles we serve are homemade and 100% natural soba without any additives.

We highly recommend you to try our soba noodle dishes, which are all proudly cooked by the owner, in retro-style restaurant with cozy atmosphere.
There are famous local sakes including ""Shichiju-ro""(red or blue) by Inagawa sake brewery in Inawashiro, available to go with freshly cooked soba noodles.
We hope you will enjoy all the food proudly cooked by owner.
All menus are not too expensive and yet delicious!

No.1 Tempura soba

Please enjoy the freshly deep-fried tempra, which is the best marriage with soba noodles. Assorted tempura on a separate dish for ¥1,400 (Tax included)

No.2 A set of Small Sauce katsu-don (a deep-fried pork cutlet on a rice bowl) and soba noodles.

You can choose from either cold or hot soba noodles as a set menu for ¥1,100 (Tax included)

No.3 Shochu (alcoholic Japanese drinks) for limited seasons only

Five assorted side dishes and a glass of shochu as a set for ¥1,600 (Tax included)
Title Soba restaurant
Address 4178-1 Gosandan, Inawashiro, Yama District, Fukushima
Access From JR Inawashiro Station, it takes around 10 minutes by car
TEL +81 242-63-2802 
Opening hours Business Hours
For Lunch: 11:30 ~ 14:30
For Dinner: 18:00 ~ 22:00 (Last order by 21:30)
Closed days Closed on Tuesdays
Rates ■Price list
Mori soba (cold soba noodles): ¥750
O-Mori soba (Double size of Mori soba): ¥1,300
Aizu-Jidori soba (Soba noodles in hot chicken soup. Chickens are branded local chickens): ¥1,300
Side dishes from¥600
Otsukuri: ¥700/ a person
Today's freshly grilled fishes from¥700
Agari-soba: ¥650
Payment Cash only

Counter seat

Counter seat

Inside the store

Inside the store

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