Sendai Station

Sendai Station

Gateway to the South Tohoku region using the Shinkansen

1 hour and 35 minutes from Tokyo Station by Tohoku Shinkansen. 17 minutes by rapid train from Sendai Airport.
There are a number of rental car stores in front of the station, providing access to the Tohoku region.

Title Sendai Station

Recommended Route

Recommended route from the Tokyo to Aizu

This is a route where you can experience history and culture by following the old road from Edo to Nikko and Aizu.

Recommended route from Sendai to Aizu

It is a route where you can enjoy panorama of mountain road and seasonal scenery from Sendai Airport / Sendai Station.

Recommended route from Niigata to Aizu

It is a route where you can enjoy beautiful scenery along the canyon from Niigata Airport / Niigata Station on the Sea of ​​Japan side.